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The orphanage headmistress, Mrs. Daley, was in an excellent mood this morning. The old hag was excited because the Lycan king would be visiting the orphanage today. He hasn’t been here once in the eight years Abbie and I have lived here; we didn’t know what to expect. Mrs. Daley, however, did. She expected perfection and not a thing out of place. Giving Abbie and I more tasks than usual, so many chores we both knew would never be done in time for his arrival. Abbie and I had been dreading this day, not because the Lycan king was visiting but because today is the day we find out if we get to live another, or if it is the day it all ends. My life was anything but easy, being born a rogue. Growing up, I longed to have what my parents told me about packs, unity, and family, other kids to play with besides Abbie; her family lived with us before her parents were killed along with mine, then both of us were brought here.

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