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Chuck was an ordinary student, and has a lecturer wife of the same university with him. Because of poverty, his wife looked down on him and kicked him out of home, his classmates also humiliated and fooled on him. But who knows, a phone call from his long-missed mother would change his whole life?

"Mom? You sure you are my mom?" Chuck doubted.


"Of course, my son. And I transferred 5,000,000,000 dollars to you for your pocket money. Tell me whenever you have any needs."


Then, just like a dream, Chuck became a rich guy. He went to buy some housing property, purchased a fancy car, had meals in five stars hotels, and enjoy in top-class consuming places...


The most important thing, not only his wife and classmates, he would stun all the people who used to look down on him.


Table of Contents




If you are reading the translated copies, here are some name guides:



  • Chuck Cannon = Zhang Ce
  • Yvette Jordan = Jiang Yinan
  • Zelda Maine = Mo Ziyi
  • Yolanda = Lu Youwen
  • Queenie = Chen Qingqing
  • Erica Yannic(movie director) = Yue Buying
  • Auntie Logan = Aunt Tang / Tang Wan
  • Susan ( Yvette fried) = Sun Shongxue
  • Charlotte = Yang Qing
  • Lara Jean = Lu Yao
  • Betty = Bai Li
  • Karen Li = Li Qingyou
  • Local Tyrant = Baller
  • Wang Wei = Wilbur Wendel
  • Yemei / Ye Mei / Beautiful of the leaves = Zabrina


UPDATE: See updated copy of my billionaire mom with quality translation and improved grammer. Most of the names has been updated as well.





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