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“Javier… Let’s get a divorce!” It was to be Javier Kersey’s 24th birthday tomorrow and this was what Selena Lewis was telling him tonight. Even though Selena had been picking fights up and down and digging out flaws in their relationship, it had never crossed Javier’s mind that he would be receiving a “special” gift like this on the night before he turned 24. Seated on the couch in the living room, Javier tried to salvage the relationship after a momentary lapse. Selena, my birthday’s tomorrow and I wanted to give you a surprise, you know, a special present for—” “No need.” Selena waved dismissively before Javier could finish his sentence. “I can’t bear to see you work so hard—an office worker in the day and part-time food delivery man at night. A surprise gift bought using your hard work and sweat? I don’t need it. That’s too much on you, too exhausting.” Javier looked hopeful, his gaze brimming with delight when he looked up.

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