A man of many faces

I'm sure you are quite familiar with the many-faced God, you know, the one that gives the 'gift' of death to humanity out of the abundance of his goodwill and the kindness of his heart towards mankind. He is a god with no name, no icon; people worship him without even knowing it.

Magnificent, isn't he?

However, 'the him' of many faces is not whom I'm interested in today. Enough is already said about him.

We should rather talk about you! Yes, you are a man of many faces even though you do not yet realise it.

No? Let's see:

We live in a society!

I know, right? But that's the point. As long as we interact with other humans, we have mastered the skill of changing our faces. The face we show to our friends and family is different from the ones strangers see.

Enter social media, we have an even larger array of personas to choose from. On social media, you can literally be anyone, at the same time a "no one".

We are in this massive loop where you are someone else and someone else is you. Ultimately, everyone is everyone which is no one in particular.