Mated To The Human Novel

Finally I am back home. It's been almost 9 years since I left home and it's good to be back. I miss my family, friends, and the pack. 

Yes, I am part of the werewolf pack. But I am not a werewolf.

I still do have my werewolf instincts but I am not a werewolf. At first, I was worried about seeing everyone was different from me. But thanks to my family and pack support, I was ok with it.

Due to this, my family sent me away to England for studies at the age of 8. I have visited my family during the holidays but that's all it is.

But now I am finally going to be staying here for good. I can't wait to meet my family and the pack. Also recently my brother has met his mate, Angela. I am so excited to meet her.

When I talked to her over the phone, she seemed kind and fun. She has this crazy energy to her and I can't wait to meet her.

I am waiting for my brother at the airport for him to come and pick me up. Suddenly I felt someone carry me from behind and spin me around. I started to squeal and laugh knowing it's my brother.

"Put me down, Nathan." I laughed as he put me down and hugged me. 

"How are you, baby sister?" he said as let me go. I smiled cheekily at him.

"I'm fine. How are you? And How are mum and dad? And also Angela?" I asked him excitedly. He chuckled at my enthusiasm.

"All of them are fine, baby sister. Everyone is waiting for you back at home," he said as he took my bags. 

"I can't wait to see everyone," I said as I carried a bag.

We went to his truck and put my stuff in as we got in and drove off. "So tell me," I asked him. 

"Tell you what?" 

"How you met Angela?" I asked with curiosity.

He rolled his eyes, "Well we went to one of the neighboring pack to search for the alpha king's mate, but turned out I found mine," he said shrugging his shoulder.

"The alpha king's still haven't found his mate?" I asked bewildered. This is so sad. He has been searching for his mate since forever.

"Sadly no. He has to find his mate soon or else we are going to face some big problems," he said sadly. I shook my head in sadness.

The Alpha King took over the pack right after a month later I went to England. There was an attack and sadly the Alpha died protecting the pack.

Soon after the current alpha king took over when he was only 16. I wish he finds his mate soon as we need our Luna Queen soon.

"I hope he finds her soon. Our Kingdom needs her." I said hopefully. 

"I hope so too. Anyway, now tell me about your time in England," he said changing the topic.

All the while ride back we talked and laughed as we caught up on our missed time. And soon we reached the territory. Upon reaching the territory I felt myself feel the connection of the pack.

The pack power surge through my body. I smiled missing the connection. When Nathan saw the smile on my face, he smiled knowing what is it.

Nathan parked the truck outside our house as I ran outside to see my family waiting for me. My father was the first one to come and hug me. I hugged him tightly as he spins me around.

"How are you, princess?" my dad asked as he put me down. 

"I'm good papa. Where is mama?" I asked him. Just when I said this, my mum pushed him aside and hugged me.

"Oh my goddess, I missed my honeybee," she said as we laughed at her nickname. She hugged me for a few minutes before letting me go.

"Look at her. She is all grown up. Noah and Nathan are going to have a tough time keeping the boys away from her." when she said this, both my brother and father let out a growl.

"She is not to be with any boy till she is 35." my father said making us laugh. 

"Oh come on Noah. She is going to find her Mate soon." My mum said making my dad frown.

"Nathan, when are you going back to the palace?" my father asked. I got shocked. 

"Wait, you guys live in the palace?" I asked surprisingly.

"Yes. We do. The Beta, Gamma, Delta, and head warrior stay in the palace. Along with the pack doctors." My brother told me. I didn't know about this at all.

"And we would be probably going over tomorrow. We need to start preparing for the ball." Nathan told my dad as he nodded his head.

"What ball?" I butt in. 

"Well, the councilman suggested holding a ball for unmated females and males along with alphas and Lunas. It is especially for the Alpha King to find his mate." Angela explained.

"I hope he finds his mate soon. Without the Luna queen, everything might fall." my father said as he shook his head

Everyone kept their mouth shut. I knew about the witches creating problems to scare the Alpha. I sighed as I took my last bite.

After dinner, we thought of watching a movie together. Halfway to the movie, all of them fall asleep. I switched off the tv and made sure everyone was comfortable before wrapping them with blankets.

I went up to my room and got into my bed. My eyes slowly start to close due to my tiredness. The last thing I heard was a howl of yearning.


Today is the ball. Everyone is in a rush wanting everything to be perfect. People are running around the town. I understand why people are in such a rush but, personally, I wasn't really interested.

I wanted romantically meet my mate. Not in a ball. I was also afraid that my mate was going to reject me due to me being a human. It always scared me.

I shrugged off those thoughts. 

"Hey princess." my dad greeted me. 

"Hi, papa. So I have talked to the college principal and he said you can join on Monday." my father said making me smile.

"Oh, my goddess thank you, papa," I said hugging him. 

He just chuckled at me. "No problem. You excited for the Ball?"

I just shrugged my shoulder. This made him confused. "Why not?" 

I sighed, "I am scared." 

"Scared of what exactly?" he asked confused.

"W-What if my mate reject me due to me being a human?" I asked sadly. 

"That will never happen. Only a fool will do such a thing."

"You are pretty, smart, and such a kind person. And even if he does that, then he is not worthy of you." my dad said trying to comfort me. I smiled at him sadly.

I helped my father with some work and went to my room. Angela told me she will come over so that the both of us can get ready together.

I face-timed some of my friends back in England while waiting for Angela. All of them missed me and so did I. Hopefully I get to see them again, soon.

Just when I ended the call, I heard a knock on my door. "Come in," I called the person in. Angela walked in as she closed the door behind her.

"Let's get ready shall we," she said excitedly while I chuckled at her shaking my head at her craziness. 

"Fine. But promise me you'll not put too much makeup."

She pouted at me but I gave her the stern look. She rolled her eyes. "Fine." she huffed. We started with her first as she already had an idea of what look she wants.

She did smokey eyes look with red lipstick. She looked absolutely stunning. We then moved on to her hair where we curled her hair and tied it into a ponytail.

After being done with everything, she went to change into her dress. After waiting for some time, she came out wearing her burgundy dress.

When I saw her, my mouth was wide open. "You look stunning, Angela." I complimented. 

"I know," she said flipping her hair. We laughed at her cheekiness.

Soon she started on my make up. I closed my eyes upon her order as she did my make up and hair. It felt like hours till she finished.

Once she was done, she ushered me to my closet and asked me to wear my dress and come out. I did as she told me. Once I came out, I heard Angela gasp.

"You look hot!" she said making me blush. 

"T-Thank you," I said making my cheeks red. I wore my white sandals while Angela wore her red heels.

Just when we went down, Nathan came entered the house. "Wow," he said looking at Angela. I giggled at Nathan's face.

Angela went towards Nathan and gave him a peck on the lips when Nathan pulled her in for a kiss. I smiled at them. Soon they pulled away and he whispered something in her ears which I couldn't hear.

"Wow, baby sister. You look pretty. Now I have 2 ladies that I need to protect. Great." my brother said with a frown. Both Angela and I burst out laughing.

Once we got everything we needed we left for the Ball. We got into Nathan's car as he drove us to the Ball. Since it has only been 2 days I have been here, I am not really sure of the routes.

Hence Nathan offered me a ride which I gladly accepted. The last thing I want is to get lost. "I really hope Xavier finally finds his mate," Nathan told Angela. Who's Xavier? I thought. Maybe it's one of his friends.

"I hope so too," Angela said. I shrugged it off and leaned back. I was a nervous wreck. I didn't know what to expect when we get there. Will I find my mate? Will he reject me?

So many thoughts were running throughout my mind and I didn't know what to think. Soon I heard Nathan say we have reached. I took in a few deep breaths before getting out.

I stood on the left of Nathan while Angela stood on the right. Nathan guided us inside. When I went inside, I was astonished by the look of it inside. It looked fabulous.

"Close your mouth baby sister," Nathan said as he chuckled. I blushed out of embarrassment. I have never seen the inside of the palace and it looked amazing.

As I looked around I saw so many people. I have never seen so many people in one spot. It looked massive.

"I need to go and see Alpha King. Excuse me." Nathan said as he gave Angela a peck and left. 

"Come on. I'll introduce you to some of the people." Angela said pulling me along towards her. Here we go.

Xavier's P.O.V ♡

"Stupid tie." I cursed as I tried to tie my tie. I tried over and over again but I couldn't do it. 

"Having trouble?" a voice I knew too well asked. I rolled my eyes.

Nathan, my beta came helped me with it. To my surprise, he was done with it within seconds. "I can't believe The Alpha King isn't able to tie his tie," he said chuckling.

I growl at him. If it was any other person, I would have had their head in the platter by now. But it's Nathan. He has always stuck by me no matter what.

"Shut up." I rolled my eyes at him again. Once I checked that everything was ok, I turned to Nathan. 

"Everyone is here," he said nodding at me.

"Let's get this done with," I said walking past him when he stopped me. 

"You will find your mate. Don't worry," he said encouraging me.

"I better or else we are doomed. We need a strong and smart Luna if we are going to win the upcoming war." I said nonchalantly.

"Look, a mate is not just for the pack. You need her too," he said sighing. I just rolled my eyes. A mate just makes you weak.

That's what happened to my parents. After my father died, my mum became weak and she is all by herself, locked herself up in the far east wing, all to herself.

A mate will just make me weak. I am not weak. I am the Alpha King. The most powerful and ruthless Alpha. I will not allow my mate to become my weakness.

However, the Kingdom and my pack need a Luna or they'll become weak. That is the only reason I am looking for my mate.

"Whatever," I said as I walked past him. I hear him sigh but still follow. 

"Well, I just would like to inform you, my sister is back," he said. I nodded at him.

I have heard about his sister but have never seen her. She is apparently a human. I scoffed at that. How is that even possible. I will never understand.

The moment I came to the ballroom, everyone went silent. After looking around, I nodded my head as everyone continued whatever they were doing.

"We might find mate today." my wolf said in excitement. Even though I wasn't looking forward to seeing my mate, my wolf was.

I internally rolled my eyes at him.

Here we go.

Amelia's P.O.V ♡

Everyone seemed to be so nice. So many of them have already found their mate. I was so happy for them. Everyone looked happy having to find their mate.

I have been walking around for sometime before going out to take some air. I looked around and saw a garden it was so beautiful. As I was about to go and see, I heard my name being called.

"Hey what are you doing outside? Come on in." Angela called me in. I nodded my head and went inside. The moment I went inside, I smelled vaguely an intoxicating smell. It smelt of chocolate and the forest.

It was too vague for me to put my finger on it. I wanted to go after the smell but I couldn't pinpoint it. So I shrugged it off. I went towards Angela and saw she was talking to some girls.

"Angela I am going to the washroom," I said as I excused myself. Luckily I was able to find the washroom. After doing my business, I came out only to smell the same scent as just now.

It was mouth-watering. I followed the scent and hit something that seemed to be a wall. I stumbled back a bit before holding myself off.

When I looked up, I almost gasped. I saw the most beautiful eyes ever. Then I knew who it was. My mate. But what I realized was the power that was radiating off of him.

He held power like no other Alpha before. He's the Alpha King. I gulped when I realized that. No way. When I looked into his eyes, my heart broke.

It held embarrassment and disappointment. He let out a threatening growl before turning back on his heels and walking away.

I fall to the floor, tears threatening to spill. I knew this is what was going to happen. He is going to reject me. Tears spill down my cheeks.

I sat down there for sometime before going back to the ballroom, knowing Angela will be looking for me. When I went inside, I saw Angela looking for me.

I went towards her before masking a smile. "You ok? You were gone for some time. I was worried." she said looking worried.

"It's nothing. Just was feeling overwhelmed that's all." I lied. She nodded her head slowly. Just then I heard a thunderous roar.

When we looked towards the sound, it was the Alpha King. "EVERYONE LEAVE. NOW." he roared making all of us submit to him.

Without waiting for another second, all of us left. I wanted to look back at him. But I fought that urge and left the place without saying another word.

Angela drove me back home, before going to the packhouse. All the while I kept silent not wanting to say anything. Angela seemed worried about me but I told her it was nothing.

Not wanting to pester me, she let it be. As soon as she dropped me, I quickly went inside my house and ran to my room. Lucky for me, my parents were already asleep.

The moment I reached my room, I let out all the tears that were threatening to spill. My worst nightmare came true. My own mate rejected me.

It was horrible pain. I can't believe this is actually happening. He is after all the Alpha King and would want a strong she-wolf by his side and instead he got me.

A mere human. I was angry at myself. Why did I have to be human? Why? I was crying for hours before exhaustion took over me.