Nothing To Give But My Heart Novel Free PDF Download/Read Online

The female protagonist is the divorced daughter of a businessman who has had many ill-fortunes falls upon him. Broke with the lenders on his door, he has no option but to sacrifice his daughter.

A rich man, whom no one has seen asks to marry his daughter and because of the difficulties that he is having, he agrees to it. The rich man is rumored to be an old man with a skin disease that has given him an appearance that isn’t suitable to show in public, that’s the reason why he seldom goes out of his room.

Apart from that, the rumors also have it that the rich and old man is a cruel person who has previously killed five of his wives. These rumors alongside many more have frightened the heroine of Nothing to Give but My Heart Chinese novel.

But his father agrees to the marriage. Her marriage is not the regular one: there are no guests, no music, neither banquet. She is traded like meat without any soul. When she arrives at the new house she is scared for her life.

Finally, she meets the man who happens to be free of any defect but that didn’t stop her from acting normal in front of him. He still has an intimidating personality.