The Hidden Billionaire Novel PDF Downloads

Read "The Hidden Billionaire" Chinese novel online or download the PDF files. This my collection of the  NovelCat screenshots. They are mostly quality translations.

  THB_Chapter_91.pdf (4477Kb)
  THB_Chapter_92.pdf (4817Kb)
  THB_Chapter_93.pdf (4321Kb)
  THB_Chapter_94.pdf (1812Kb)
  THB_Chapter_97.pdf (8732Kb)
  THB_Chapter_96.pdf (12920Kb)
  THB_Chapter_99.pdf (1544Kb)
  THB_Chapter_98.pdf (1232Kb)
  THB_Chapter_102.pdf (1695Kb)
  THB_Chapter_101.pdf (1975Kb)
  THB_Chapter_103.pdf (1087Kb)
  THB_Chapter_104.pdf (1064Kb)
  THB_Chapter_105.pdf (549Kb)
  THB_Chapter_106.pdf (559Kb)
  THB_Chapter_90.pdf (4693Kb)
  THB_Chapter_89.pdf (309Kb)
  THB_Chapter_87_to_88.pdf (7229Kb)
  THB Chapter 60 to 84.pdf (24019Kb)
  THB Chapter 42 to 59.pdf (20471Kb)
  THB_100.pdf (608Kb)
  85-87-converted.pdf (3236Kb)
  THB Chapter 1 to 22.pdf (19534Kb)
  THB Chapter 23 to 41.pdf (20114Kb)
  THB 95.pdf (2540Kb)