Top Chinese Novels, original names, links and translations

If you have read "My Billionaire Mom" from NovelCat or "The Poorest Rich Man" from Baranovel, you will naturally be curious about more Chinese books like that.


Well, the thing is that these Novels are not actually written by the people you read the online version from and are mostly free online books. In fact, the Original book don't even go by the same title as the one uploaded by your favourite apps. For example, the title of "My Billionaire Mom" from NovelCat in the original Chinese version is "我的老妈是土豪有声小说" which will translate to something like "My Mother Is A Local Tyrant" which doesn't make much sense in English context, hence the title change.


Most of the Chinese books are indeed free. Apps like NovelCat and Foxnovel swoop in, tidy up the titles, add pretty English names and profit. Because of this discrepancy in names and title, it's a bit tricky to find a free copy of the books to read online. This is why I have compiled this list of Chinese novels you can read online. I will post links to the Original Chinese books as well as their PDF translations if available.


Note: I will keep updating this list as I find more Novels. It's best to bookmark the page and check later for new updates.


List of Chinese Novels with Names, Links & Translations


#1. My Billionaire Mom:

Original Name: 我的老妈是土豪有声小说 (My Mother is a Local Tyrant)

Link: https://m.twvod.com/read/59179/index.html

Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/MyBillionaireMom/my-billionaire-mom-chuck-cannon-novelcat-full-book-pdf


#2. Billionaire God of War

Original Name: 豪门战神江宁_江宁林雨真_豪门战神江宁小说全文免费阅读_看书吧 (Noble God of War Jian Ning)

Link: http://m.kanshu8.net/book/26973/   

Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/BillionaireGodOfWar/billionaire-god-of-war-chinese-novel-full-book-pdf


#3. The Poorest Rich Man

Original Name: 绝世大少陈歌(Peerless Young Master Chen Ge

Peerless Young Master Chen Ge)

Link: https://m.xbiquge.cc/chapters_5169/

Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/eLibrary/the-poorest-rich-man-full-book-pdf


#4. The Hidden Billionaire

Original Name: 张超林芳  (Zhang Chao Linfang)

Link: https://m.mingrenteahouse.com/shu/45628.html

Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/Literature/anyone-know-the-chinese-name-of-the-novel-the-hidden-billionaire


#5. Oh! The Smell of Money

Original Name:天降横财 (Tianjiang Windfall)


Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/eLibrary/chinese-version-of-oh-the-smell-of-money-google-translation-1


#6. Ode to the Dragon

Original Name: 修罗战神

Link: https://m.chinawuxi.net/du/57444458/

Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/eLibrary/chinese-version-for-the-novel-ode-to-the-dragon-google-translation


#7. My President Super Bodyguard

Original Name: 最强保镖俏总裁 (The strongest bodyguard)

Link: https://m.xbiquge.cc/chapters_12065/

Author: Lau month

Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/eLibrary/chinese-version-of-my-president-super-bodyguard


#8. King of Kung Fu in School


Original Name: 校园绝品狂神 (Campus Superb Mad God)


Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/eLibrary/king-of-kung-fu-in-school-chinese-version-and-translation


#10. The Heir

Original name: The Chief Heir Chen Ping (《首席继承人陈平》章节目录-第1页)

Link: https://m.xbiquge.cc/chapters_51688/4

Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/noveltranslations/the-heir-full-book-chinese-version-translation


#11. Sweet Overlord

Original Name: 甜蜜霸宠:首席的失忆小娇妻 (Sweet Overlord: The Chief's Amnestic Little Wife)

Link: https://m.xbiquge.cc/chapters_5169/



#12. Marrying into her Family

Original Name: 无敌神婿 (Invincible son-in-law)

Link: https://m.mingrenteahouse.com/shu/64611.html

Translation: https://www.webcilo.com/g/noveltranslations/marrying-into-her-family-chinese-novel-translation-guide

PDF: https://www.webcilo.com/g/noveltranslations/marrying-into-her-family-novelcat-full-book-pdf