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What are you expecting to see?



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EBoodram Free
Oct 13
There's only 10 characters in "you can't win me back " is there going to be any new updates soon
Irenebrad Free
Aug 27
It’s a novel mommy sign for me please. Sorry I didn’t make it clear
Shmurda85 Free
Aug 24
@Ib68 can you clarify what you mean?
Ib68 Free
Aug 6
Hi there do you by any chance have mommy sign for me please??
Ib68 Free
Aug 6
Jantish Free
Jul 25
Hello is there gonna be a new upload for The Amazing Son in Law ??
user21 Free
Jul 3
Hello is there gonna be new upload for His True Colors?
Shmurda85 Free
Apr 25
Yes will be uploading soon.
AvidReader Free
Apr 22
How are you doing? Will you be uploading chapters soon, to just a few of my favorite books ;-)?
AvidReader Free
Mar 12
Thanks for the gift, much appreciated
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