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This group is mainly about the novel called "Billionaire God of War" which is a Chinese novel. Chinese novels are quite awesome and people enjoy a lot . You guys can share your thoughts/create memes and everything which is relevant to the novels <3

The Wall

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Ayan Free
May 9 '2021, 18:47
When it will be uploaded further??
saqibrai Free
Apr 4 '2021, 12:54
kindly upload new chapters. 2197 onwards
hishamuddina Free
Mar 23 '2021, 0:13
is any one having problems reading the pdfs? doesnt want to download anymore.
dspacedude Premium
Jan 28 '2021, 15:50
New chapters are in.
verb Free
Aug 30 '2020, 0:43
Plss 881 up


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