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IEP lawyer California - IEP advocates in San Diego for special education students play an essential role and help parents through the IEP process in California. Call (858) 433-1060

IEP advocates in San Diego for special education students play an important role and are better suited to help parents through the IEP process. A good example of this is attending IEP meetings.

Many IEP lawyers in California will go to IEP meetings, but this is usually going to be far more expensive than bringing and advocate and also less effective.

First, attorneys cannot be reimbursed for attending an IEP meetings so the cost will fall on the parents.

Second, most attorneys cannot draft an IEP, make recommendations for goals and services, or effectively engage the IEP team.

Our experience has been when an attorney shows up at an IEP the team tends to speak less. It seems obvious that an advocate will be seen as less adversarial than an attorney.

Also, advocate typically have a good understanding of the IEP process in California.

Advocates also have specialty skills that most attorneys do not have. Many are former teachers, parents of children with special needs, or work in related fields.

This can be of immense help when it comes to drafting an IEP. An advocate who was a teacher can certainly draft a better IEP than an attorney.

In general, the easiest way to think about the difference is an advocate is there to guide the parent through the IEP process, helping draft the IEP, explain the process, and make recommendations to the parent.

An attorney is there to force the district to do something the parent believes is necessary. If there are questions about whether to contact an attorney for special education students first or an advocate, either is perfectly appropriate.

Both can guide a parent on whether or not they should call an advocate or an attorney.

In fact, it is very common for our office to have a consultation with a parent then refer them out to multiple advocates.

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