How To Use Cricut Machine [Guide For Beginners]

A Cricut machine is like a dream come true for crafters. Using it, you can meet several crafting needs, from making personalized gifts to vinyl decals, unique home decor, and more. But, if you’re a beginner, you might find getting started with your new machine confusing. Fortunately, here is a guide explaining how to use Cricut machine. We’ll discuss how this machine works, what is needed, and essential tips for doing first projects. Visit at- cricut.com/setup

How Does Cricut Machine Works?

Cricut machine is just like a printer. The only difference is it cuts a shape out of a sheet of paper or Vinyl rather than printing an image onto a piece of paper.

Setting Up New Cricut Machine

In order to begin crafting, you should first know the steps to set up this new machine. But before that, ensure you have a full-functioning computer/mobile device and an Internet connection. And then follow the steps given below:

  • First, plug in and make sure to turn on your machine.
  • Use a USB cord or Bluetooth to pair the machine to your computer/mobile device.
  • In the next step, visit Cricut.com/setup and download the Design Space.
  • Finally, follow the on-screen prompts and complete the entire setup process.

How to Download & Install Design Space?

Design Space is a software application you can use to create the images; you can either download it to your Desktop or use the app on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It is vital to download and install the Design Space software for a successful setup. Visit at- cricut setup

  • Open your internet browser window and visit cricut.com/setup.
  • In the next step, download and install the Cricut Design Space for your Desktop.


  • Sign in with a Cricut ID ( make sure to follow the on-screen instructions).
  • Navigate to the next screen and select your machine then.
  • Use the power cord to plug in the Cricut machine. To turn it on, make sure to press the power button.
  • You can either use the included USB cord to connect your machine to the computer or pair it with Bluetooth. (In the case of the Joy machine, it is essential to use Bluetooth).
  • Wait until the Design Space updates your machine. Finally, you will get a prompt from Design Space to register your device. Visit at- www.cricut.com/setup

Making First Project With the New Cricut Machine

To begin your first project, take your machine out of the box and plug it into your computer. You can then sign up for a free Cricut ID account, download the Cricut Design Space app and install it on your computer. Some of the basic steps you can follow are:

  • Choose a design in the Cricut Design Space or select a premade image or design.
  • In the next step, select your cutting material and place it on the sticky mat. Make sure to press the button so as to load the mat into the machine. Mat will hold the materials appropriately, and Cricut will cut the design.
  • Make sure to apply the correct material settings in the Design Space and send it to your cutting machine.
  • Just press the flashing button on your machine to begin the cutting process.
  • Once the machine finishes cutting the design, ensure to remove the mat from the machine. Also, remove materials from the mat.

In the Design Space, you can create and customize designs — upload your own images & fonts, cut paper on a Cricut, cut Vinyl, Iron-on Vinyl, etc.) Also, send them to your Cricut to perform the cut. But you’ll need a little time to learn and fully master this skill.

Types of Projects You Can Make with Cricut

Crafters can use Cricut to make a wide variety of craft projects. Some of the best projects are given below:

  • Custom painted wood design and custom pantry labels.
  • Paper banners, party decorations.
  • Stencils for glass etching, as well as for painting a doormat.
  • Monograms, leather earrings, and custom stickers.
  • Leather earrings and cool bracelets.

We have compiled this how-to-use Cricut machine guide to let you understand all a beginner needs to know for cutting purposes. All the basics are covered so that you can begin crafting quickly and in an effortless manner. In addition, we have provided frequently asked questions below to make things more transparent and understandable. Visit at- Cricut Mini Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

What All Things Can I make With Cricut?

You can make thousands of things with the help of a Cricut. Some of the few projects are given below:

  • Iron-on t-shirts.
  • Hand-made greeting cards.
  • Pantry labels and party decorations.
  • Envelopes and invitations.
  • Paper banners/custom stickers.

Is Buying A Cricut Worth It?

Yes, it is worth buying a Cricut machine. This device can cut hundreds of different materials; therefore, you can create various projects using it. Crafters can use this machine for projects like beach bags, Christmas signs, etc.

How Can I Make Money With Cricut?

How Long Can I Expect Vinyl to Last?

Once you apply Vinyl properly, it stays attached to the surface for more than three years or over 50 washes. Because it includes so many features, crafters love to add this product to their craft supplies.

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