Pregnant And Favored


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She got involved with the most noble man in Darlsbury in an accident. She was forced to leave and go far away after giving birth to a child.Three years later, she encountered the man again by accident. She desperately hid from him, avoided him and stayed far away from him!Who would have known that he would bring the baby to her doorstep? “Woman, why are you still running when you’ve already given birth to my child?”Xavia Lockhart: “…”He was renowned as the king of the business empire and he was the Young Master Burton that everyone was in awe of. She originally thought that it would be impossible for the both of them to be together. She did not want to become the person that he doted on the most. He doted on her, loved her and cared for her every day!After that, he said in an affectionate voice, “Mrs. Burton, please think about your second pregnancy.”

The Wall

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