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Extracted from Chaptern One...

Dark clouds rolled over the sky, and heavy rain fell unexpectedly.
Julia sat on the bus obsessively watching the raindrops slide down the window, as the doctor's words kept haunting her mind.
Advanced brain cancer with up to three months left-
Her finger fell on the familiar numbers and dialed it, and a man's magnetic but cold voice came out of the phone, "Yes?"
Julia clutched the test results, and the corners of her mouth forced a smile: "Nothing, just wanted to ask if you could come back with me today."
"I've said many times, don't call me if there's nothing wrong."
Julia on the other end of the phone listened to the man's impatient voice, as well as the woman's delicately faint gasp, and her heart suddenly tightened.
Her knuckles were white as she grabbed the phone and answered in a trance: "Sorry to bother you."
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