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The Sexy Nun has two major scenes. The bar and the orphanage.It starts as Esther,the female lead has just been issued an allocation in serving as a Nun in an orphanage since she is termed as everyone’s favorite and her presence brings nothing but much love. On her way to the place,she meets Brian,the male lead who is a Playboy and through his attempts in seducing her,he falls in love with Esther and changes so much in him though he can’t tell her since she had vowed to work for God and keep her body his temple through the journey of being a Nun, something that has always been a part of her and did it passionately. Nature separates them in a way and leaves Brian changed a lot from being a Playboy as he was earlier simply because of the strong love that he cannot get over for the Nun. Esther arrived at the orphanage and had just noticed how everything was a mess and majority of the children were dying out of hunger making almost every other head at the place to abandon them,she realizes that her being at the orphanage was indeed a set up so that she would face all the burden of catering for the children,and lucky were they to have her for this was all about her. Esther had just realized that she had no option than to use her beautiful body in getting some money for the livelihood of the place after donation attempt had failed. She then goes to every kind of club to reep men off with her amazing shape though she still maintains her purity and character,by doing this she meets Brian for the second time and this time round,she falls for him and the love grows bigger in her other world. Being a role model at the orphanage,she has got two, faces, they know her as an angel by playing her game well, immediately she’s out,she becomes a party girl and her relationship grows progressively.It teaches a time when Brian suprises her with a marriage proposal and she is left in dilemma over choosing him or being a Nun.