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“I have given myself to you. Why don’t you break up with Janet?” the woman asked in a seductive, breathless voice. She was half-na*ed and hovering above a man. “Don’t mention her name when we are making out.” The man was so excited that he squeezed the woman’s breasts and moaned in pleasure. The woman seemed dissatisfied as she didn’t get the answer she wanted. “No way! She is an adopted daughter — even our dog holds a more important position in our family than she does. What’s so good about her?” The man didn’t say anything. He gripped the woman’s waist and thrust harder, which made her scream and moan his name. Janet Lind stood in front of the door, listening to everything in the room. Her tired eyes turned cold as she understood what was going on. She had just returned from the hospital. Hannah, who had raised Janet ever since she was a child, was diagnosed with advanced liver cirrhosis three months ago. The woman needed a liver transplant right away. Janet had to gather the money to pay the medical expenses. To make her situation worse, her younger sister hooked up with her boyfriend. Janet felt her life was falling apart. “Did you hear me? You have to tell me your decision tonight. It’s either her or me. The choice is yours.” Jocelyn Lind pounded on Steve Carter’s chest, desperate to hear his answer.

The Wall

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