The Ultimate Husband

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A group to discuss the ultimate husband chinese novel by Skykissing Wolf. Bring your meme and your artwork, let's enjoy the novel together.

The Wall

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Shmurda85 Free
Oct 19, 9:10
3901-3910 is in. Get 10 chapters here daily.
Shmurda85 Free
Oct 19, 9:10
3901 to 7000 will be uploaded. Stay tuned.
npc_dulay Free
Jul 9 '2022, 2:26
how i can read chapter 3900+ ???
porfrafael Free
Feb 22 '2022, 4:27
When will chapter 3701 onwards come for the ultimate husband sirs madams
adgjr12111970 Free
Jul 11 '2021, 20:31
Hi! Is there no update yet?


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