Air Peace Review: A Not-So-Peaceful Flight Experience

My experience with Air Peace was a mixed bag. On one hand, the airline managed to get me to my destination safely and without any major incidents. However, the flight was significantly delayed without any explanation or apology, which was frustrating.

Air Peace Passenger

In addition, the experience at the airport was marred by the presence of Fanntaxi, a new car sharing service that has reportedly taken over the market at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Abuja. The monopoly of this company has led to outrage fares, with drivers demanding extra money to cover the fees charged by Fanntaxi.

Furthermore, the use of the Fanntaxi service comes with security concerns, as riders are unable to share their ride with others and track their location through the app. This adds an unnecessary level of risk and uncertainty to the car sharing experience.

Overall, while I was satisfied with the safe and reliable transportation provided by Air Peace, the lack of communication and transparency regarding the flight delay as well as the problematic presence of Fanntaxi at the airport left a lot to be desired.