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Avery Tate’s was forced to marry a bigshot by her stepmother because of her father’s bankruptcy. There was a catch, the bigshot—Elliot Foster—was in a state of coma. In the public’s eye, it was only a matter of time until she was deemed a widow and kicked out of the family. A twist of event happened when Elliot unexpectedly woke up from his coma. Fuming at his marriage situation, he lashed out on Avery and threatened to kill their babies if they had any. “I’ll kill them with my very hands!” he bawled. Four years had passed when Avery once again returned to her homeland with her fraternal twins—a boy and a girl. As she pointed at Elliot’s face on a TV screen, she reminded her babies, “Stay far away from this man, he’s sworn to kill you both.” That night, Elliot’s computer was hacked and he was challenged—by one of the twins—to kill them. “Come and get me, *sshole!”

The Wall

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