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I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack Novel Synopsis

What would it feel like if my boyfriend was extremely energetic?
Shen Ruojing slowly woke up and felt a headache when she recalled the intense battle
last night.
Who would have thought that the impossibly beautiful man last night would have such
shocking stamina? It was like he didn’t know fatigue and actually did her…several
Was he too excited because he succeeded in his marriage proposal last night?
At this moment, Shen Ruojing sat up from the bed in the hotel room and discovered that
Chu Cichen was not inside the room.
Shen Ruojing then took her phone out and called him immediately. She felt there was a
need to discuss the topic ‘moderation’ with him, but an electronic voice suddenly
echoed from within the phone, and it caused her heart to sink.
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