Ode to the dragon rant

So, I'm reading the Chinese novel of Ode to the dragon and honestly, it's giving me major anxiety. First, why are there so many women involve? I mean, it's no problem if they are just sisters or cousins, but some are not and they are running after Chu Feng like mad dogs(exaggeration).

Second, Chu Feng's laid back attitude. It's okay to be a good samaritan but sometimes, his actions are far too much. It doesn't help that the author define these women exaggeratedly.

Lastly, his somewhat intimate relationship with Tan Sisi. Gosh! This one's sticking to me like a sore thumb, the major reason for my anxiety. I mean, they almost commit a mistake not once, but twice. I don't know if Chu Feng told her about Mu Qing and Doudou but if not, I don't know anymore. I just want Muqing to caught him in a comprising or intimate act and settle everything. I just can't accept his actions.

Sorry for ranting. I have high expectations for Chu Feng at first because the story started great, plus, I love Jiang Ning so much (Billionaire God of War), but now? I'm just disappointed. Made me realize how he does not hold a candle against Jiang Ning. So yeah, I need to let off some steam because this whole fiasco is bugging me and I can't sleep well. I'm so affected by a story.