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Once upon a time, he was the eldest son of the Chu family. But because his mother was a low-born woman, both parent and child were subjected to untold humiliations. Finally, they were ousted from the Chu family. In order to make the Chus pay for their misdeeds and redress the wrongs done to his mother, the young man plotted revenge. It took him ten years to set up 「Operation Spark」 and plant his 「Sparks」 all over the world. One day, his 「Sparks」 would set the world aflame. On that day, the young man would visit the Chu family and make them kneel in apology. To hide his identity, he became a live-in son-in-law for three years. To his wife, he was just useless garbage. His in-laws saw him as a burden and his relatives ridiculed him for being poor. He became the butt of their jokes and endured untold humiliations. But still, he worried about his wife. The young man was afraid that he might die during his quest for revenge, so he secretly helped his wife establish her career and become independent. After years of operation, he was finally strong enough to make his move. And his 「Sparks」 were in position to shake the world. So the young man seized the opportunity to raise the flag of rebellion. After more than a decade, on the day of the old patriarch’s birthday, he would finally return to the Chu family and exact vengeance for all the wrongs done to him and his mother! 「When you stand up, the whole world will be trampled beneath your feet!」

The Wall

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