A Dish Best Served Cold Full Novel (PDF)



Once upon a time, he was the eldest son of the Chu family. But because his mother was a low-born woman, both parent and child were subjected to untold humiliations. Finally, they were ousted from the Chu family. In order to make the Chus pay for their misdeeds and redress the wrongs done to his mother, the young man plotted revenge. It took him ten years to set up 「Operation Spark」 and plant his 「Sparks」 all over the world. One day, his 「Sparks」 would set the world aflame. On that day, the young man would visit the Chu family and make them kneel in apology. To hide his identity, he became a live-in son-in-law for three years. To his wife, he was just useless garbage. His in-laws saw him as a burden and his relatives ridiculed him for being poor. He became the butt of their jokes and endured untold humiliations. But still, he worried about his wife. The young man was afraid that he might die during his quest for revenge, so he secretly helped his wife establish her career and become independent. After years of operation, he was finally strong enough to make his move. And his 「Sparks」 were in position to shake the world. So the young man seized the opportunity to raise the flag of rebellion. After more than a decade, on the day of the old patriarch’s birthday, he would finally return to the Chu family and exact vengeance for all the wrongs done to him and his mother! 「When you stand up, the whole world will be trampled beneath your feet!」

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  23-30.pdf (39418Kb)
  08-12-2020-15.27.35.pdf (27511Kb)
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  81-90.pdf (44713Kb)
  61-70.pdf (47747Kb)
  1O1-1O4.pdf (2410Kb)
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  12O-124.pdf (5217Kb)
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  117(1).pdf (709Kb)
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  198-199.pdf (1758Kb)
  2OO-2O1.pdf (1670Kb)
  202-203.pdf (1672Kb)
  235.pdf (701Kb)
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  233.pdf (746Kb)
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  272.pdf (755Kb)
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  271.pdf (796Kb)
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  236.pdf (761Kb)
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  308.pdf (860Kb)
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  3O9.pdf (844Kb)
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  664-680.pdf (19739Kb)
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  711-712.pdf (998Kb)
  717-718.pdf (1100Kb)
  723-724.pdf (1221Kb)
  721-722.pdf (1140Kb)
  719-720.pdf (1195Kb)
  725-726.pdf (1063Kb)
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  747-748.pdf (1007Kb)
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  749 - 770.pdf (25129Kb)
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  807-808.pdf (2224Kb)
  809-810.pdf (2259Kb)
  783-784.pdf (863Kb)
  adbsc 1430-1431.pdf (2471Kb)
  817-818.pdf (2260Kb)
  815-816.pdf (1193Kb)
  819-820.pdf (2097Kb)
  811-812.pdf (2443Kb)
  813-814.pdf (1749Kb)
  821-822.pdf (2624Kb)
  830-831.pdf (2466Kb)
  828-829.pdf (2603Kb)
  832-833.pdf (2258Kb)
  826-827.pdf (2828Kb)
  825.pdf (1287Kb)
  823-824.pdf (2189Kb)
  adbsc 834-835.pdf (2407Kb)
  adbsc 840-841.pdf (2046Kb)
  adbsc 838-839.pdf (2068Kb)
  adbsc 836-837.pdf (2616Kb)
  adbsc 876-877.pdf (2935Kb)
  adbsc 878-879.pdf (2519Kb)
  adbsc 880-881.pdf (2755Kb)
  adbsc 874-875.pdf (2769Kb)
  adbsc 870-871.pdf (2780Kb)
  adbsc 868-869.pdf (2703Kb)
  adbsc 872-873.pdf (2932Kb)
  adbsc 864-865.pdf (2913Kb)
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  adbsc 948-949.pdf (2787Kb)
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  adbsc 977-990.pdf (18091Kb)
  adbsc 968-976.pdf (12480Kb)
  adbsc 966-967.pdf (2345Kb)
  adbsc 991-1017.pdf (34044Kb)
  ADBSC 1026-1027.pdf (2863Kb)
  adbsc 1024-1025.pdf (3058Kb)
  adbsc 1022-1023.pdf (2635Kb)
  adbsc 1018-1019.pdf (2748Kb)
  adbsc 1020-1021.pdf (2779Kb)
  adbsc 1028-1029.pdf (2728Kb)
  adbsc 1030-1060.pdf (42246Kb)
  adbsc 1090-1091.pdf (2484Kb)
  adbsc 1088-1089.pdf (2748Kb)
  adbsc 1086-1087.pdf (2681Kb)
  adbsc 1061-1081.pdf (26332Kb)
  adbsc 1082-1083.pdf (2481Kb)
  adbsc 1084-1085.pdf (2552Kb)
  adbsc 1092-1131.pdf (47955Kb)
  adbsc 1140-1141.pdf (2518Kb)
  adbsc 1138-1139.pdf (2634Kb)
  adbsc 1132-1133.pdf (2436Kb)
  adbsc 1134-1135.pdf (2603Kb)
  adbsc 1136-1137.pdf (2764Kb)
  adbsc 1210-1211.pdf (2468Kb)
  adbsc 1208-1209.pdf (2711Kb)
  adbsc 1174-1203.pdf (36621Kb)
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  adbsc 1204-1205.pdf (2519Kb)
  adbsc 1144-1173.pdf (34723Kb)
  adbsc 1254-1255.pdf (2601Kb)
  adbsc 1252-1253.pdf (2501Kb)
  adbsc 1250-1251.pdf (2725Kb)
  adbsc 1248-1249.pdf (2336Kb)
  adbsc 1246-1247.pdf (2546Kb)
  adbsc 1216-1245.pdf (37351Kb)
  adbsc 1212-1213.pdf (2677Kb)
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  adbsc 1270-1271.pdf (2331Kb)
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  adbsc 1278-1279.pdf (2371Kb)
  adbsc 1272-1273.pdf (2367Kb)
  adbsc 1274-1275.pdf (2312Kb)
  adbsc 1142-1143.pdf (2442Kb)
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  adbsc 1420-1421.pdf (2536Kb)
  adbsc 1422-1423.pdf (2629Kb)
  adbsc 1424-1425.pdf (2294Kb)
  adbsc 1426-1427.pdf (2816Kb)
  adbsc 1428-1429.pdf (2543Kb)
  adbsc 1432-1433.pdf (2576Kb)
  adbsc 1434-1435.pdf (2234Kb)
  adbsc 1436-1447.pdf (13717Kb)
  adbsc 1448-1449.pdf (2072Kb)
  adbsc 1450-1451.pdf (2322Kb)
  adbsc 1430-1431.pdf (2471Kb)
  adbsc 1452-1453.pdf (1994Kb)
  adbsc 1454-1455.pdf (2140Kb)
  adbsc 1456-1457.pdf (2078Kb)
  adbsc 1458-1459.pdf (2031Kb)
  adbsc 1460-1461.pdf (2212Kb)
  adbsc 1462-1463.pdf (1856Kb)
  adbsc 1464-1465.pdf (2175Kb)
  adbsc 1466-1467.pdf (2287Kb)
  adbsc 1526-1527.pdf (1668Kb)
  adbsc 1528-1529.pdf (1556Kb)
  adbsc 1474-1525.pdf (51629Kb)
  adbsc 1468-1469.pdf (1996Kb)
  adbsc 1470-1471.pdf (2141Kb)
  adbsc 1472-1473.pdf (2155Kb)
  adbsc 1530-1531.pdf (1692Kb)
  adbsc 1532-1533.pdf (2021Kb)
  adbsc 1534-1535.pdf (1984Kb)
  adbsc 1536-1539.pdf (3411Kb)
  adbsc 1540-1541.pdf (4922Kb)
  adbsc 1542-1544.pdf (2772Kb)
  ADBSC 1545-1547.pdf (12715Kb)
  adbsc 1548-1551.pdf (3580Kb)
  adbsc 1552-1553.pdf (2495Kb)
  adbsc 1554-1555.pdf (2782Kb)
  adbsc 1556-1557.pdf (2604Kb)
  adbsc 1558-1559.pdf (2474Kb)
  adbsc 1560-1561.pdf (2472Kb)
  Adbsc 1562-1565.pdf (4676Kb)
  adbsc 1566.pdf (725Kb)
  ADBSC 1566-1567.pdf (3016Kb)
  ADBSC 1568-1569.pdf (3324Kb)
  ADBSC 1570-1571.pdf (3089Kb)
  ADBSC 1572-1578.pdf (16925Kb)
  ADBSC 1579-1593.pdf (32569Kb)
  ADBSC 1594-1598.pdf (11502Kb)
  ADBSC 1599-1602.pdf (8650Kb)
  ADBSC 1603.pdf (882Kb)
  ADBSC 1604 - 1606.pdf (8395Kb)
  ADBSC 1607 - 1608.pdf (4479Kb)
  ADBSC 1609-1614.pdf (6187Kb)
  ADBSC 1615-1624.pdf (10756Kb)
  ADBSC 1625-1634.pdf (11405Kb)
  ADBSC 1635-1642.pdf (5564Kb)
  ADBSC 1643.pdf (639Kb)
  ADBSC 1644-1645.pdf (1484Kb)
  ADBSC 1646.pdf (812Kb)
  ADBSC 1647-1650.pdf (3900Kb)
  ADBSC 1651-1652.pdf (1496Kb)
  ADBSC 1653-1654.pdf (1384Kb)
  ADBSC 1655.pdf (692Kb)
  ADBSC 1656-1665.pdf (41593Kb)
  ADBSC 1666-1676.pdf (38968Kb)
  ADBSC 1677-1680.pdf (3427Kb)
  ADBSC 1681-1687.pdf (23559Kb)
  ADBSC 1688-1689.pdf (8072Kb)
  ADBSC 1690-1696.pdf (7313Kb)
  ADBSC 1697-1709.pdf (9593Kb)
  ADBSC 1861-1887.pdf (20925Kb)
  ADBSC 1715-1716.pdf (7073Kb)
  ADBSC 1717-1727.pdf (8486Kb)
  ADBSC 1728-1737.pdf (7055Kb)
  ADBSC 1738-1741.pdf (2980Kb)
  ADBSC 1742-1747.pdf (4409Kb)
  ADBSC 1748-1756.pdf (6213Kb)
  ADBSC 1757-1765.pdf (8920Kb)
  ADBSC 1766-1775.pdf (9201Kb)
  ADBSC 1776-1793.pdf (13464Kb)
  ADBSC 1794-1819.pdf (16880Kb)
  ADBSC 1820-1834.pdf (9040Kb)
  ADBSC 1835-1860.pdf (20188Kb)
  ADBSC 1710-1714.pdf (4166Kb)
  ADBSC 1861-1887.pdf (20925Kb)
  ADBSC 1888-1920.pdf (22230Kb)
  ADBSC 1921-1934.pdf (9084Kb)
  ADBSC 1935-1959.pdf (17346Kb)
  ADBSC 1960-1984.pdf (28069Kb)
  ADBSC 1985.pdf (1134Kb)
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  ADBSC 2056-2065.pdf (9397Kb)
  ADBSC 2066-2070.pdf (4541Kb)
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