List of mobile phone number series by carriers

In many countries, mobile phones are assigned dedicated mobile phone codes within the country's telephone numbering plan. Some countries that do not use area codes (e.g. Singapore) allocate specific number ranges to mobile phones that are easily distinguishable from landlines. One notable exception to this type of assignment is how the countries within the North American Numbering Plan (the United States and its territories, Canada, and much of the Caribbean) assign mobile phones subscriber numbers within geographic area codes by not being easily distinguishable from landlines.

A mobile phone prefix is the first set of digits of a telephone number; It shows which network the number is from.

Please remember that it is not possible to tell the current operator of a mobile phone from its number alone, as customers can take their numbers with them when they move between different phone networks. The table above shows only which company originally issued each range of numbers.

Carrier Country Dialing Code
3 Ireland IE Ireland 83
Access Telecom IE Ireland 84
Airtel GH Ghana 26
Airtel NG Nigeria 802
Airtel NG Nigeria 808
Airtel NG Nigeria 702
Airtel NG Nigeria 708
Airtel NG Nigeria 812
Airtel NG Nigeria 818
AWCC AF Afghanistan 700
AWCC AF Afghanistan 038
Digiweb 4G mobile IE Ireland 88
eMobile IE Ireland 85
Etisalat NG Nigeria 809
Etisalat NG Nigeria 709
Etisalat NG Nigeria 819
Expresso GH Ghana 28
GLO GH Ghana 23
GLO NG Nigeria 805
GLO NG Nigeria 807
GLO NG Nigeria 705
GLO NG Nigeria 707
GLO NG Nigeria 815
GLO NG Nigeria 817
Just Mobile IE Ireland 87
Meteor IE Ireland 85
MTN GH Ghana 54
MTN GH Ghana 24
MTN NG Nigeria 803
MTN NG Nigeria 806
MTN NG Nigeria 703
MTN NG Nigeria 706
MTN NG Nigeria 813
MTN NG Nigeria 816
O2 Ireland IE Ireland 86
O2 UK United Kingdom 7106
O2 UK United Kingdom 7107
Postfone IE Ireland 87
Tesco IE Ireland 89
TIGO GH Ghana 27
TIGO GH Ghana 57
Vodafone GH Ghana 50
Vodafone GH Ghana 20
Vodafone IE Ireland 87
Vodafone QA Ireland 974
Vodafone UK United Kingdom 7340
Vodafone UK United Kingdom 7341
Vodafone UK United Kingdom 7391
Vodafone UK United Kingdom 7392
Vodafone UK United Kingdom 7393



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