Webcilo Project Roadmap

The development of Webcilo has been slow but steady. The launch began in Q1 of 2014 as an interest-based blog, with development of core features done in Q4 of 2015 we moved to a users' self-publishing site. Post launch optimizations continuie to roll out in 2022 and beyond.


Years of





Q1 2014

Domain Registration & First Launch

Webcilo officially became thing in 2014. Started as a one man initiative to create blogs around people interests.

- Domain name registration,
- Launching of first codebase.

Q2 - Q4 2015

Phone number generator

Introduced phone number generating tool for marketing.

Q1 2017

Users Self Publishing Site

Migrated to a users based site where anyone can publish their own content.

Q1 - Q4 2019

Community-based social networking

Users can now create their own groups and join other groups they are interested in; share photos, create topics, connect and send messages to other community members.

Q1 - Q3 2020

Webcilo Coins

Webcilo users are able to purchase coin credit on our platform. Webcilo coins can be used to gift awards, generate phone numbers, exchange with other users.

Q4 2022 and beyond

Future upgrades

Webcilo is on a slow but progressively development. There are plans for both UI/UX overhaul and performance enhancement.

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